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Devon Stone Kitchen Flooring
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Flooring Choices : Stone and Ceramic

Mosaic-tile floors that have been excavated in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, are 1,800 years old. How's that for durability?

The Porcelain Enamel Institute groups tiles in categories (I to IV+), indicating increasing durability. Durability is a function of a tile’s hardness, and of the sheen and colour of any glaze. (Light-colour glazes are more durable than dark, for example.) Kitchens usually need a group III or higher tile. Choose a tile with good slip resistance. Unglazed tiles are less slippery than glazed tiles. Any tile with a slightly textured surface provides greater traction than a smooth tile. The texture shows dirt less; too much texture, however, inhibits cleaning.

Tiles that mimic stone in their texture and have mottled coloration are popular now. Many of these tiles are porcelain products, fired at temperatures so high that they are vitreous. This process renders them harder than the slate, granite, marble or limestone they resemble. They are extremely dense and absorb little water, meaning you can continue your kitchen flooring outside the house. And these tiles are made in sizes larger than previous standards, up to 18 in. sq. The larger the tile, the more expansive your kitchen space reads.

Recycling has entered the world of tile. EcoCycle is a porcelain tile made of unfired, reclaimed raw materials, byproducts of Crossville Ceramics' manufacture of standard colour porcelain tile. Before EcoCycle, these byproducts were discarded.

Care/maintenance: Follow the manufacturers' specs regarding sealer (type and frequency of application) on the tile you select. Use the recommended grout and seal it. Clean with diluted household cleanser and hot water; rinse thoroughly.

cornwall flooring ceramic tile stone effect flooring soapstone Marble
The look of stone without the cost. The latest offerings from manufacturers include stone look alike tiles that come in a broad variety of colours and sizes. The vitreous choices are harder and less absorbent than the stone they resemble.
cornwall flooring ceramic tile stone effect flooring soapstone Marble tile
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If you value an original more than a copy, consider stone: granite, limestone, slate, soapstone. Stone retains heat (remember those early bed warmers?), making a stone floor a fine installation over radiant heat or in passive solar situations. We know it’s durable, and it is low maintenance.

Soapstone sends a worn, venerable message; black absolute granite sends a polished, sophisticated one. Rustic stone tiles with slightly irregular dimensions will look their best with wider grout lines. Crisply machined stone tiles, such as the soapstone floors from Green Mountain Soapstone, have edges accurate enough to require no grout. Just butt them together.

Seal any stone except soapstone. A stone supplier
can recommend the best sealer. Maintain your floor with a pH-neutral cleaner but nothing that leaves a soap film, which traps dirt.

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Flooring Choices : Stone and Ceramic
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Kitchens Cornwall